"Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy." -Dan Gable

Wrestling and the Bench Press

By Matthew Wernikoff I often hear coaches tell their athletes that they shouldn’t bench press.  They tell their athletes that wrestling is a “pull” sport and benching is for “press” sports such as football.  They also argue that since you never want to be on your back in wrestling you shouldn’t perform a lift that you have to perform from your back. Wrestling is not … Continue reading

Why Football Players Should Wrestle

By Matthew Wernikoff Recently I was asked by a parent whether or not his son should continue to wrestle.  A Junior, for a good football program in NY, he was already receiving several scholarship offers from Division I football programs.  The father felt that his son benefited from wrestling but the son felt that he should just focus on the sport he was going to play … Continue reading

Why Football Players Should Wrestle: Part II

Why Football Players Should Wrestle: Part II By Matthew Wernikoff and Dan Wernikoff In Part I of “Why Football Players Should Wrestle’ I discussed physical, mental, and physiological attributes that benefit football players who participate in the sport of wrestling. In this section I will discuss some of these skills in greater detail.  The conditioning and strength requirements for wrestling greatly benefit football players in … Continue reading

Clock Wrestling

Google+ by Matthew Wernikoff After deciding not to return as Woodlands High School’s Head Wrestling Coach I began working with my best friend and mentor, Tod Giles, at his club Wrestling Dynamics.  Togther we grew the club and I was privledged to have learned many things from him.  He had an intellectual approach to the sport of wrestling the was uncanny. Many of my wrestlers … Continue reading

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle

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