Always Moving Forward

Matthew Wernikoff, BJ Penn and Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro

So it was bound to happen sooner or later, I finally experienced my first real BJJ injury.  While trying a sweep from a modified half-guard position I got caught in a strange position with way to much weight on my leg.  The loud popping sound was way to familiar at this point.  For now it seems that my LCL is sprained and not torn.  I … Continue reading

Lacrosse Strength Training- Preventing Ankle and Lower Leg Injuries

Lacrosse Training- Preventing Ankle and Lower Leg Injuries (Part I of a 3 Part Series) by Matthew Wernikoff, Sports Performance Coach, Champion Athletes I am often get asked by parents if Lacrosse is a dangerous sport and if their children are at undue risk of injury by playing Lacrosse.  While Lacrosse is the fastest growing team sport in the United States, the NCAA has studied … Continue reading

Clock Wrestling


Google+ by Matthew Wernikoff After deciding not to return as Woodlands High School’s Head Wrestling Coach I began working with my best friend and mentor, Tod Giles, at his club Wrestling Dynamics.  Togther we grew the club and I was privledged to have learned many things from him.  He had an intellectual approach to the sport of wrestling the was uncanny. Many of my wrestlers … Continue reading

Wrestling and the Bench Press

Nathan Bueno, NJ Wrestling State Qualifier and long time Champion Athlete performing the bench press.

By Matthew Wernikoff I often hear coaches tell their athletes that they shouldn’t bench press.  They tell their athletes that wrestling is a “pull” sport and benching is for “press” sports such as football.  They also argue that since you never want to be on your back in wrestling you shouldn’t perform a lift that you have to perform from your back. Wrestling is not … Continue reading

Interesting Articles from Around the Web


By Matthew Wernikoff Work’s been crazy lately and I’m training for next months Grapplers Quest National Championships, so I haven’t been able to finish my next article, “Why Winning make you a winner: the physiological response to winning.”  So while I keep working on that I thought I would share some of the articles from around the web that I found interesting.  Below are the … Continue reading

Why Football Players Should Wrestle: Part II


Why Football Players Should Wrestle: Part II By Matthew Wernikoff and Dan Wernikoff In Part I of “Why Football Players Should Wrestle’ I discussed physical, mental, and physiological attributes that benefit football players who participate in the sport of wrestling. In this section I will discuss some of these skills in greater detail.  The conditioning and strength requirements for wrestling greatly benefit football players in … Continue reading