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My name is Mathew Wernikoff, and I am personal trainer at Champion Athletes and a wrestling coach at Apex Wrestling School in New Jersey.  My father and I started Champion Athletes with the goal of helping young athletes acheive their goals through a comprehensive and customized training system.  I was formally certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and am currently a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association working toward several certifications.

I have worked as a strength and conditioning coach for several years and you can find my resume here.

When I’m not working at the gym I’m coaching wrestling.  It has been a passion of mine for the past ten years and I have coached youth through college wrestlers.  I served as the state director and national team coach for the National High School Coaches Association for five years and was a varsity head coach in New York’s Section 1 for 4 years and an assistant for 1 year.

My experience as a coach and trainer goes far beyond just training wrestlers.  I have experience training lacrosse players, basketball players, baseball players, football players, softball players as well as a variety of other sports and activities on the youth, high school and college levels.

I enjoy writing about a variety of training topics and hope you enjoy my blog!

If you have any questions, comments or would like to exchange ideas please feel free to contact me:

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