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Matt Digiovanni“I began wrestling in the second grade and have continued through high school onto the Division 3 collegiate level.  Going into my junior year I will be captain for NYU. In middle school when I decided to get serious with wrestling I joined Apex Wrestling Club.  Here my skill set improved and I gained great wrestling knowledge. However, it was not till I began strength training with Mat Wernikoff, at Champion Athletes, that I saw drastic improvements in my wrestling. Before training with Mat I had had two knee surgeries and lower back problems. Mat focused on the weak areas of my body, strengthening them to prevent further injury and properly balance my body. During my junior season I wrestled at 135 and felt a great strength advantage over most of my opponents. Seeing my drastic strength improvement I increase my strength training with Mat going into my senior year.

Throughout my senior year I wrestled at 145 and never felt like any opponent out muscled me. Two years into college and I still train with Mat every summer and ever chance I get when I am home. I feel that strength is one of the key components to a successful wrestling career. Technique can only get you so far when your opponent can out muscle your every move. Training with Mat gave me the confidence and made me believe that no one was working harder than me and that I was just as strong if not stronger than the top competition in the state.

Seeing my success with Mat, my brother, Tom, has also begun training with him. In the past year Thomas results have been unbelievable. Just last year he was wrestling 85lb, in one year he has grown to a rock solid 105. Mat tailors lifting and nutrition needs to each specific wrestler, or athlete to maximize their performance and achieve their specific goals.  Training with Mat has had a greatly positive impact on my career.”

-Matthew DiGiovanni- 2X NJ State Qualifier, Starter for NYU Wrestling Team

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